[Movie] SpongeBob SquarePants; Sponge Out of Water



This movie was pretty good. I remember watching SpongeBob as I was growing up. Some things are hard to forget because they made you happy. Now I get to go with the next generation along with my housemate to watch the movie.

I must say though.. This movie may have ended a major plot line for the series. Unless it was a spinoff, in which case, may not affect it at all?? I won’t give out any spoilers in this entry haha. After not seeing SpongeBob episodes since middle school, I wonder if they ended it already??

Either way, this movie earned top ratings and for good reasons. For those adults who have grown up, take 2 hours to watch this movie because for those 2 hours, there is some sense of escape from working or bills or troubles this world. SpongeBob knows how to make a person smile.


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