[Package] Korean Goodies


Today, I received a ton of goodies I ordered from Korea. Actually, I had missed the delivery and the mailman left a pink slip saying they will try again tomorrow. Me, being the persistent guy I am, drove around town to search for the mailman so I won’t have to wait until the next day. And eventually, I caught up to the mailman and got my long awaited package. This shipment left Inchon just last Friday.

And when I get packages, I can’t help but enjoy opening them up!!




Now, I will show you all what I got in my boxes today!! I listed the prices to reference what they would normally cost to buy from outside South Korea. I paid a bit less than shown.

1. Tomy Moly Apple Hand Cream – 15 USD



This hand cream is quite special because it moisturizes very well and smells really nice. It’s not strong and it’s portable in a nice looking package. There are only good reviews for this item all over the Internet.

2. Jeju 100 Year Old Cactus Vitamin Tablets – 45 USD


Jeju island in Korea is famous for their mandarin oranges and cactus fruit. It’s very common to see vitamin c tablets made of those two tropical fruits. Not only do they taste amazing, they are super healthy for you!! I personally like the mandarin ones better but I heard the cactus one has less sugar.

3. Isa Knox Care Zone Emulsion – 35 USD


Ever since I visited Korea a few months ago, this brand has become my go to skin care. I kid you not, this brand has made almost every skin problem I have go away. Right now, I’m battling some skin issue that seems like eczema. This lotion is the only one that can calm my skin down. I’m currently using the Troubled Skin version within the brand. They also have versions for oily skin or dry skin too. This brand is seriously worth every penny because it heals your skin and not just covering up the damage! I normally wash my face, use toner, then emulsion/lotion, and then cream.

4. Tomy Moly Peach Hand Cream – 10 USD


This is basically the peach version of the apple one I mentioned earlier. This one seems to be cheaper but I’m not sure why…

5. Isa Knox Care Zone Toner – 20 USD


This is the toner which I use after washing my face and before applying lotion. Because there is a whole brand and version dedicated to troubled skin, it seems only natural that I get the toner along with emulsion. I may put a review of the products later on after I use them. This will be my first time to use the toner!!

6. Isa Knox Peeling Gel – 25 USD


This is a peeling gel under the same name from Isa Knox Care Zone for Troubled Skin line. Basically, a peeling gel is something you apply to your face and rub gently with your fingers. Eventually, the dead skin will clump and fall off your face. This is also a first for me to use, but I have to know how well it works with other items in the same brand!!

7. Jeju Choco Crunch – 15 USD


These crunch snacks are one of Jeju Island’s main exports. These snacks are super delicious. They combine Jeju Island fruits with popped rice in the form of a chocolate rice puff type item. These boxes can get pricy so it’s important to buy in bulk. The Korean cactus is my favorite flavor!! One of my coworkers told me it tasted like strawberry!! It’s sweet and crunchy with a sense of yummy!!

Random ads that came with my box:


This was one of my more better deliveries of items. I don’t order from Korea often, but when I do, I try to buy things I need rather than want. Although, I guess I want the things I need too. I spent a lot more than I should have, but I know the items will go to good use. For anyone who is interested in the items listed above, I can help you to order your own shipment or I may be able to sell you the same items!



2 thoughts on “[Package] Korean Goodies

    1. Hi, I got it from yes24.com but usually it’s hard to non Koreans to order. Are you in California? I go to Korea a lot so maybe we can make an arrangement to ship or something


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