[Cosmetics] Daily Men’s Skin Care

Skin Care

Being a Korean living in an Asian populated city, I was taught the importance of skin care since I was little. For Koreans, we believe skin was a product of diet, cosmetics, and genes.

There was always something that someone could do to improve their skin whether it be eating pig feet or buying the new lotions from nature republic. Through my time living in Korea and here in the bay, I’ve gotten into almost every major cosmetics fad.

Now, I’ve developed my own collection of cosmetics and they were selected after many years of experience. For most guys, this is probably embarrassing, but I offer everyone a sneak peak into my arsenal of skin care items.

1. Mi Yin Do Toner and Emulsion – 119 USD


These two bottles are made of the high grade of ginseng known as Chun Sam aka heavenly ginseng. These bottles can go easily for 119 USD a piece here in California. But in Korea, they are more around 30~45 USD depending where you buy.

I originally got a sample of these in 2010 when I was staying in Seoul. I didn’t think of it much, but then I realized how much I loved it. The scents are some kind of ginseng infused honey. It’s not heavy and smells pretty nice. The toner and emulsion also happen to rub on very light and smooth. This is one case where money does equal the quality. So now I buy the full bottles when available.

2. Men’s Gold Bond Lotion – 9 USD


This has been my standard lotion since 2010. I could just put this on whenever my skin was dry. The smell is light and the lotion doesn’t get sticky or oily. It gets absorbed pretty quickly and leaves nothing on your skin.

3. Neo Homme BB Cream – 25 USD


BB cream is something that almost every Korean person has. It fixes every single skin issue and can hide them really well. These creams act as foundation, concealer, moisturizer etc. after using many brands, I found Neo Homme to work the best because it can match a high range of skin tones and blends in well with skin. With BB Cream, it’s important to find one that blends well and doesn’t leave any obvious specks or clumps. I got the Neo Homme from Face Shop in Seoul.

4. Calvin Klein Contradiction – 55 USD


This is my favorite cologne since high school. In all honesty, I first found out about it from watching a Korean movie where one girl gave it to this guy at a high school where she mentioned life is like contradiction.

I actually like it a lot because it doesn’t have the strong alcohol smell that most colognes have. And the scent is versatile so you can wear it to a formal event or put some on to smell good for the ladies.

5. Isa Knox Care Zone – Varied Prices


I mentioned this in my previous post so I will skip this.

6. Tony Moly Hand Creams – 15 USD


This was also mentioned in a previous post.

7. EOS Lip Balm – 3 USD


What can I say, these lip balms are amazing. I got my first one as a gift a year ago. Since then, I have been a loyal buyer! My favorite one is the green honeydew melon! These not only leave a great taste on your lip, they actually moisturize your lips.

8. Banana Boat Sunscreen


This sunscreen is my main one for when I need that awesome UV protection. I only found out recently how important it is to get protection against UV. While you may not see any problem, the issues start underneath the skin. Be kind to your body and use sunscreen!!

9. Mi Yin Do Creams – 25 USD


These creams are just additional moisturizing creams.

10. Sonicare Brush and Crest Toothpaste – 79 USD


I currently own the Sonicare Easy Clean and the Diamond Care brushes with all Crest toothpastes and mouthwash. Before Sonicare, I didn’t see the need to upgrade to an expensive brush until I went to the dentist one day for a check up. I had gotten another cavity… So I decided to buy a Sonicare brush, and I have been cavity-free for a few years now.

While this is not a skincare item, having a healthy smile is important to appearance as well. I will continue to work on my teeth each day.

11. The Deep Sea Collection Salt Scrub – 35 USD


This brand is just amazing and is all natural. I like the salt scrub and mud soap made with Dead Sea minerals! It makes my skin smooth and helps to heal damaged skin. I currently ran out of mud soap and am looking to buy some!

For those non believers out there, go purchase a salt scrub or mud soap with Dead Sea minerals, and try it out. Your skin will thank you and you will have the best sleep after using them during your evening shower.

12. Clean and Clear Dual Action – 7 USD


This was my lotion when I had acne. While I don’t know if it really works, it did feel nice and didn’t smell bad. I don’t recommend buying this unless you have money to throw away.




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