[Holiday] Valentine’s Day

Holiday, Journal

Valentine’s Day weekend has officially passed. This year will be one to remember for me. I will refer to my other half as “A” in my entries. I told A about how I really wanted to leave town but everything was pretty last minute. Day before Valentine’s Day, we planned dinner and a movie, but it didn’t turn out the way we wanted. Instead, I picked up a Valentine’s Day card.



The next morning, we got up bright and early to get breakfast. While A got dim sum, I picked us up some pastries and water.


Then afterwards, we ran some errands and I dropped A off at SJC to get a car rental. I went to go pick up some chocolate strawberries afterwards.


And then we got home and had some pizza before leaving!

We drove up past half moon bay to see the sunset which was beautiful. I have the pictures on my Galaxy NX. Then, we went to have some clam chowder and gumbo at a seafood restaurant in Half Moon Bay. Sadly, the food wasn’t that great. I would’ve taken a Santa Cruz chowder any day. But I did remember the point of the trip is not what we do, but who we do it with.



That following night. We drove to Santa Cruz to stargaze and camp. We stopped by Safeway first to get water.

I saw a group of middle schoolers outside who were probably smoking tons of weed. Then they went to Safeway to buy tons of junk food… Man.. kids these days..

Then we drove off. Lately, I’ve been feeling bad.. Coughing and sore throat followed by migraines. While camping out near the cliffs, I started to get super pain in my throat. I pretty much ruined the night with waking up every hour. The following morning, we went to 24 hr fitness. A wanted to work out but I just went for the showers.

We headed to The Buttery which is a famous cafe in Santa Cruz. Their food was amazing.


Then finally, we went around the Santa Cruz cliffs to beach gaze. Then went to another beach to hang out and relax. I got in the water and got super soaked by waves. A decided to nap and enjoy the air. I went ahead and fed the birds and hung out.

After a few hours, we headed back to bay. We grabbed some fast food at a Chinese place and then went to unpack. I went to get Che from Sweet Cup and some dinner from Fresh and Easy. We took our dinner to the Drive In to watch Kingsman which was an amazing movie!! I want to be a gentleman spy too!!

The next morning, I went to pick up A after dropping off the rental car. We went to eat Pho at the famous Pho Kim Long.

And that was my Valentine’s Day weekend.


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