[Skin Care] Dead Sea Minerals Mud Soap

Skin Care

Where to even start with this post! My favorite soap is the Deep Sea Cosmetic’s Mud Soap but it’s quiet hard to find and it costs about 15 bucks a bar!! Because the soap is so expensive, i had to find a cheaper brand so I’m trying out the One With Nature brand which runs about 5 bucks a bar.

Today is he first day I’m using it and I have to say, it is quite amazing. It has the one thing that I expect all Dead Sea mud soaps to have and that is exfoliation using Dead Sea salt.

Right out of the box, the bar smells very good and not overly strong. It has a natural smell of clean mud. And he soap design is awesome. You get the big chunk shape with a small dip to help you grip the soap.

Once I lathered it on, I can feel the small pieces in the soap exfoliating my skin. And it makes you feel extremely clean. And once you rinse off the soap, your skin feels very soft and smooth as if you got the salt treatment. I recommend getting this brand if you want to buy some good mud soap but don’t want to drop a ton of money. 


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