[Seafood] Korean Hwaedeop Bap aka Japanese Chirashi Bowl


South Korea and Japan are two countries that are surrounded by water and have a history of abundant seafood in their local cuisines. It’s only natural that both countries would have their own version of rice and seafood. From what I understand, there are only sight differences based on regional preference, but the end result is very similar. Also, the Japanese use sweet vinegar in their rice preparation which is not standard in the Korean version.


1.5 cups of cooked medium grain rice

7-9 tbsp of sushi vinegar

0.5 cups of diced raw fish (salmon, tuna, hamachi)

2-3 pieces of raw squid

1 avocado

1 cucumber

2 tbsp massago or salmon roe


– Wash and cook the rice as one would normally

– Take out rice and add the sushi vinegar

– Fold the rice and fan simultaneously to get glossy rice

– Let the rice cool down completely

– Peel and dice the cucumber into small pieces

– Peel and slice the avocado

– Cut the sushi grade fish into cubes or slices

– Dunk the avocado and fish into some sushi vinegar on the side to keep them fresh

– Drain the avocado and fish and set aside

– Place the rice into a bowl or container

– Take the cucumber and sprinkle over the rice

– Add all the fish and avocado and massago

– Enjoy!!

It is very important to purchase sushi grade fish as you don’t want to get sick from eating this. The fresher the fish, the less smell there is to it. I normally add gyeran mari aka tamago yaki to the bowl, but I was in a rush today.

I usually use the left over fish to make sushi or make a sashimi type plate.

The idea of this entree is to add fresh fish to a bowl of vinegar rice. The flavors should be fresh, tangy, and a bit sweet.

The word chirashi means to scatter. As we scatter the different ingredients on rice, we are making the chirashi bowl. In Korean, deobbap refers to any pairing of rice and something else on top that needs to be eaten together. In this case, it’s fish, so we call it hwae deobbap which is fish rice.

Enjoy making your chirashi with various ingredients. The fresher the better and the more local the better too. Cook from the heart, and your food will always be delicious.


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