[Journal] Uplifting Stories


In the technological world we live in today, we have easier and simpler access to news, videos, and media. In spite of using that power for something good or nice, there are horror stories, graphic images, and sad news all over the internet. But there are also a fair amount of sites which don’t promote such content.

I’m a big sucker for anything funny or uplifting. One of my favorite sites to visit is http://www.upworthy.com. This website shares stories that can either teach us something or make us feel something nice. Many of the stories I read on that site inspire me to be a better person and to think about the world differently. I read one story this morning about the power of family and love.


For many, this story will resonate with how simple gestures or reminders of home can make the biggest difference to a person. While we are just 1 out of the billions of people on Earth, each of us have a unique human experience. And sometimes, it’s those experiences that make life valuable and worth living.

This blog I am writing now is modeled after the “feel-good” mindset. I try to not talk about things that upset people or about negative experiences. This blog is meant to show people my human experience as seen through me.

While life is filled with both good and bad times, it’s important to embrace every moment as something to cherish because it makes the people we are or will become. I believe that we should try to fill our time with as much good energy as we can. This can be done by reading about good stories, doing a good deed, or even sharing uplifting content etc.

In this post, I will post a few pictures I found. They are sure to give you a smile or warm feeling~ You can probably tell right away what’s my favorite animal / pet!


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