[Story] The Labyrinth


I will be posting chapters to a new story I’ll be writing!

I can’t say too much, but I’ll be trying to write a thrilling and intense story!

The title of the story will be “The Labyrinth.” If you want to find out why it’s called that, you must read the story! First chapter will be up shortly!


[Snack] Nong Shim Cuttlefish Chips


I kid you not, these snacks are my personal addiction. I grew up on these chips and continue to eat them. After a while I found out they stopped importing them into the states. So in my last trip to Korea, I made sure to bring back a few bags. But then I found out my local Korean stores started stocking a small amount! Geez!! Price wise, I could buy them in Korea for about W1400 whereas in California, the price is about double at 2.99/bag.


These snacks taste really nice and not fishy at all. These are lightly crunchy and taste like butter. The flavor is butter roasted cuttlefish. It’s hard to describe how amazing these are until you try it. This is, in my opinion, one of the top three best Korean snacks!!

I currently can’t eat them since I have to cut down on salt. It’s such a temptation to see them!!