[Bread] Korean Style Cornbread


After a tiring 5 batches and over 100 breads, I have come up with the recipe I am satisfied with. This recipe is close to the Korean style cornbread I really like based on flavor, but the texture is too close to American style cornbread. Korean style cornbread tends to have a spongy center with a crispy outside. Also, the bread has to be almost golden in color. It should look like http://postfiles10.naver.net/20111231_137/baby0817_1325303268416nNLbh_JPEG/12.jpg?type=w2. Cornbread is not easy for me… It’s the one thing I truly struggled to make… Even more than Korean style cheesecake which took me one year to get it perfect!

I think I will settle on this recipe until I figure out how to get the edges right. A nearby bakery makes this bread as exactly as how I like it, but they charge nearly three bucks a piece. And this is partly because the owner imports the cornmeal from Korea directly. Korean cornmeal tends to have a stronger corn taste with a deeper yellow color.


4 tbsp butter (50g)

1/4 cup sugar or honey powder (60g)

1/5 tsp salt (5g)

1 egg

1 cup cake flour (110g)

5/6 cup cornmeal or corn powder (100g)
* DO NOT use corn flour because regular flour is added

1 tsp baking powder (5g)

1/3 cup milk (50ml)

1/2 cup corn (OPTIONAL)
* Adding the corn makes the bread more spongy and soft


Melt the butter add mix in the sugar and salt and whisk

When the batter is slightly cool, beat in one egg

Whisk well until it looks like pudding

Add in the cake flour, cornmeal, and baking powder

Use a spatula or baking spatula to stir ingredients thoroughly
* The cornmeal will start to absorb the liquid ingredients

Slowly add in the milk and stir frequently
* The batter should start to look like a really wet, sticky dough

At this point, you can add the corn (OPTIONAL) if you want

Preheat the oven to 375F (190C).

Grab a baking tray and put parchment paper on top.
* If you don’t have that, use aluminum foil and grease it up

Put some oil on your hands and shape the dough into little balls

After you put the balls on the baking tray, I usually like to cut a line down the middle of the bread (see pictures for what it looks like)

Then brush on an egg wash (1 egg mixed with 2 tbsp water or milk)
* When you brush the egg wash on the bread, it turns the bread golden

Bake for 25-26 minutes

After it’s done, go ahead and pull it out and let it cool off somewhere

This bread is very good by itself. But like many people, if you eat it warm with butter or jam, it tastes even more amazing! In my house, I live with one kid who is a very picky eater. He even dislikes macaroni and cheese!!! After making him this cornbread, he thoroughly enjoyed it. And he even asked for me to save some for him.

While this recipe was very difficult for me, it is part of the process of becoming a better cook and baker. After many tries, I got better in making this recipe. And the day that I can make it exactly how I want, I know that my efforts will be worthwhile. And the most important thing to remember is… Cook from the heart, and your food will always be delicious. 


[Bread] Korean Style Cornbread


This is… frustration… Currently, my most favorite bread is the Korean style corn bread. Americans sent over tons of cornmeal to war torn South Korea back in the day. 

Koreans made tons of this awesome cornbread which seems to be the one thing I can’t make. I was desperate as to use other people’s recipes which all failed. Rather than sharing my recipe, I will just post pictures of ingredients, process, and outcomes of my efforts. 

After making more than 70 breads, about 20 of them had right flavor but wrong texture. And 50 of them were completely bland due to no sugar… 

I may post recipe once I perfect it. This bread is very similar to American cornbread but the edges are harder and the outside has almost a crunch like texture. While the inside is soft and fluffy. Best bread ever made.